Did you know that there are certain designations which help women and minority business owners in the contracting industry? Some business owners aren’t aware of the designations that are available, which means that they could potentially be missing out on work opportunities that are out there.

Business Development programs like the SBA’s 8(a) program or California’s UCP program are designed to help people like you, and we encourage you to contact us at Cal-State Contractors License Service for more information. The goal with these designations is to increase your opportunities for growth in a very competitive contracting industry.

Are You Eligible for These Designations?

If you own a contracting company and you fall within a certain classification, then it is possible to get specific designations to help you access projects that are funded by federal or state money. These are some of the classes that apply:

  • Minority business owners, including African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Subcontinent Asian Americans, and Asian Pacific Americans. Other individuals who are not in these groups could potentially be qualified, although documentation will need to be supplied
  • Women business owners
  • LGBT business owners
  • Disadvantaged veteran business owners

It is necessary to go through the review process to verify that the business is actually controlled, owned, and operated by someone that falls within one of these categories. Once you have completed the review process and received your certification, it can give you an advantage when you are bidding on federal or state projects.

The goal with these designations is to expand the opportunities that are available for disadvantaged small business owners. As a result, small business owners have a chance at winning government-funded work, instead of always being overlooked because of bigger contracting firms that are also bidding on the projects.

How to Get the Certification that You Need

It isn’t easy to get these special designations, but it is worth the effort because of the many business opportunities that will be available once you have completed the certification process. Instead of trying to figure out the certification process on your own, the easiest option is to contact us at Cal-State Contractors License Service for help.

We specialize in all types of contractor licensing services, and we can offer assistance every step of the way. Contact us for more information about the various designations that are available, including DVBE, SB, MBE, and more. We can handle these applications in our office, and help you with the documentation that is needed so that you can get the right certifications for your small business. Since it is a new year, right now is a great time to get these designations so that you can take on work as the new allocations are coming. Without the right certifications, you won’t be able to bid or take part of the projects that are available. Call us today for more information: 1-800-454-2776