Foreign Corporations

Already a Foreign corporations and looking to do business in other States?

By State law your foreign corporations must register with another state prior to your company transacting business within that State.

Each State has different filing requirements, fees and forms to complete this process. Let Cal-State complete all the work for you, we have direct access to all of the Secretary of State’s Offices in the country. All it takes is one call and we can have you registered to do business in any state within a few days.

Foreign Limited Liability Company

In all State’s it is a requirement of the contractor’s board that the company applying for the license to first be registered prior to applying for the contractor’s license. A failure to properly file all of the documentation can be a cause for the State to reject your application, keep your license fees and/or possible levy a fine against your company if you have started contracting prior to the issuance of a contractor’s license.