I am beyond grateful for the amazing Cal-State Contractors License Service and the even MORE amazing Minda Pepin who was assigned to help my CSLB application.

I am a new business owner and needed to apply for a plumbing license with CSLB. My friends who had gone through the CSLB application on their own had spent an average of 5-6 months in their attempts before they were successful. I did NOT have 5-6 months for my business and income to wait!

Someone recommended me to contact Cal-State Contractors License Service. I sent them a request, and immediately heard back from Minda Pepin, their License Manager. She guided me through the whole process and to fill-in/submit the necessary forms. She kept me informed at every step of the way, and always explained clearly to me what I would be expecting to do or to receive next.

My CSLB application was submitted on Nov 16. Guess how long it took for my license to be approved and issued? Drum rolls … Dec 5 … which is less than 2.5 weeks !! And this was also over the Thanksgiving holiday season, which makes it even more miraculous. To my friends who had encountered challenges and difficulties filing for their CSLB licenses, my swift CSLB approval at the first-pass of application is just hard to believe.

I want to thank Cal-State Contractors License Service, and especially Minda Pepin for her great help and impressive customer service. I simply cannot brag enough about Minda. Thank you and God bless you!

HooiJin TengPlymouth Meeting, PA