My husband and I own a construction company and had let our license expire due to not updating our new address with the license board. In a panic, I called around to find out how, if at all possible, we could get this process expedited after being told from CSLB that they were backed up for a month on renewals. Eric, from Cal-State Contractors License assured us this could be done, but on a case by case basis. He would need to look over our information to make sure he could handle this for us. Cal-State was able to get our license renewal expedited in 5 days from the date the application was turned in, and THANK GOD because our current and future projects were being held up due to this embarrassing error on our part. We are super impressed with Eric’s professionalism and control over the situation and would recommend his services to ANYONE that is in need of immediate help with their license renewal.

Charla ThomasInfinity Pool & Spa Inc.