Are you working as a contractor, and you are interested in finding ways to further your career and access more opportunities in the industry? Are you getting started in construction, and you want to speed up your career path to quickly reach experienced levels of service? At Cal State Contractors License Service, we can help!

We understand the importance of gaining the right contractor’s licenses in order to advance your career. Here are several things that we can do to assist you in finding the opportunities that you want:

Classification without Taking a Test

If you are already working in the construction industry, then it is possible that you are doing work outside of your specialty. We can help you identify specific certifications that you might qualify for, including additional classifications that are available without taking a test.

These classifications can be obtained through your on-the-job experience, and the additional classifications will expand the services that you can offer to your customers. We will talk with you about your experience, help you understand the exact requirements that need to be met to obtain the classification, and assist you with the process of filing the paperwork that is needed.

Additional Classifications to Offer More Services

These additional classifications will open up many opportunities. For example, you can show the history of experience that you’ve built, and legally advertise other services that are related to your primary service. By expanding the services that you can offer, you will be increasing your revenue. Additional classifications allow you to better target your ideal client by offering the exact services that are needed.

Government/Municipal Work

These classifications might open up opportunities for you to work on government/municipal projects which require contractors to have multiple classifications. There are many benefits to working on these types of jobs, and some contractors actually prefer working with these government projects instead of working with private customers.

Are you ready to expand your career and increase the success of your contracting business? Contact us at Cal-State Contractors License Service for more information about how you can gain the additional classifications that you need. These classifications can help you take your contracting career to the next level.

With over 50 years of experience, we were the first company to offer these services to contractors like you. Our goal is to help contractors obtain the classifications and licenses that are necessary for their chosen line of work. Contact our experienced team today, and we will gladly answer your questions and help with anything that you need: 1-800-454-2776